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What services do we provide?

AYC provides shiurim and resource materials including:

  • Daily English Shiur by Rabbi Yossel Schtroks, Magid Shiur London Yeshiva (Sunday – Thursday daily at 15:15 pm EST, Zoom Meeting ID 895 1636 5623 - or through the link posted above.

  • Daily Hebrew Shiur by Rabbi Dan Naftalin, Magid Shiur in K’far Chabad Yeshiva at 15:00 Israel time same Zoom details as English Shiur.

  • Organizing local shiurim with personalized flyers and designated charity bank account for easy funding.

  • Weekly Study Companions with the Gemara, translation, illustrations, summaries, and Halachas.

  • Study Companions for Masechta Sotah study during the Sefiras Haomer​

  • Study calendars for the AYC study schedule

  • Shiurim posted on the following channels:

    • Daily Zoom Shiur in Hebrew and English

    • Spotify

    • WhatsApp (group for English and Hebrew)

    • Youtube

    • Google Podcasts

    • Kol Haloshon

    • Steinsaltz Daily Study App

    • Pocket Casts

    • RadioPublic

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